Death in June / Current 93 / Sol Invictus

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Death In June/Current 93/Sol Invictus
Live album by Death In June/Current 93/Sol Invictus
Recorded March 24, 1991

Death In June/Current 93/Sol Invictus is a CD album recording of a March 24, 1991 concert by Death In June, Current 93, and Sol Invictus at the Frankfurt Sound Depot in Frankfurt, Germany. Originally a bootleg recording titled Day of Dawn, it was officially reissued by World Serpent Distribution.

Track listing[edit]

Death In June with Current 93[edit]

  1. "The Guilty Have No Pride"
  2. "Leper Lord"
  3. "Solitude"
  4. "Heaven Street"

Current 93 with Death In June[edit]

  1. "Summer of Love"
  2. "Death of the Corn"
  3. "A Song for Douglas"
  4. "Earth Covers Earth"
  5. "Be"
  6. "North" (actual title: "Black Sun Bloody Moon")
  7. "Hooves/Horse"
  8. "Happy Birthday"
  9. "They Return to Their Earth"
  10. "Black Flowers"
  11. "Hullo Angel"
  12. "A Sadness Song"

Sol Invictus[edit]

  1. "Raven Chorus"
  2. "Black Easter"
  3. "Death of the West"