Death of Lau Yew

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Death of Lau Yew
Part of Malayan Emergency
Date 16 July 1948
Location Kajang, Malaya
Result death of key Malayan Communist Party leader
 United Kingdom Malayan Communist Party
Commanders and leaders
Bill Stafford Lau Yew
20 police and detectives at least 30
Casualties and losses
no serious casualties 11 killed, including 2 leaders

The Death of Lau Yew took place at the beginning of the Malayan Emergency. British security forces clashed with those of the Malayan Communist Party resulting in the death of one of their key leaders, Lau Yew.[1] He had been betrayed by his own bodyguard.[2]

Six people were killed in the initial attack. Five Chinese women who had been captured by the British were then killed when 30 Communists counter-attacked.[3]


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