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EP by Marduk
Released December 2004
Recorded September 2004 at Endarker Studio
Genre Black metal
Length 11:31
Label Regain Records
Producer Marduk
Marduk chronology
Plague Angel

Deathmarch is the fourth EP by Swedish black metal band Marduk. It was recorded and mixed at Endarker Studio in September 2004 and released that December by Regain Records. It features an alternative cut, a b-side, and two rehearsal takes of songs from Marduk's ninth studio album, Plague Angel, released a month prior.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Steel Inferno" (Alternative Version) 2:13
2. "Tod and Vernichtung"   3:29
3. "The Hangman of Prague" (Rehearsal) 2:52
4. "Throne of Rats" (Rehearsal) 2:55


  • Deathmarch is titled after a song of the same name which appeared on Marduk's 2004 album Plague Angel. This song was a collaboration with the Swedish Martial Industrial band Arditi.


  • Mortuus – vocals
  • Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson – guitar
  • Magnus Devo Andersson – bass, mixing
  • Emil Dragutinovic – drums