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For the Debian configuration management system, see "debconf (software package)".
DebConf t-shirts from conferences 3-12.

DebConf is the yearly conference where developers of the Debian operating system meet to discuss further development of the system.

Besides the scheduled workshops and talks, Debian developers take the opportunity to hack on the Debian system in a more informal setting. This has been institutionalised by introducing the DebCamp in the Oslo DebConf in 2003: a room is set aside and computing infrastructure provided.


Locations of past and future DebConf events:

DebConf0 2000 July 5–9 Bordeaux, France
DebConf1 2001 July 2–5 Bordeaux, France
DebConf2 2002 July 5–7 Toronto, Canada
DebConf3 2003 July 18–20 Oslo, Norway
DebConf4 2004 May 26–June 2 Porto Alegre, Brazil
DebConf5 2005 July 10–17 Helsinki, Finland
DebConf6 2006 May 14–22 Oaxtepec, Mexico
DebConf7 2007 June 17–23 Edinburgh, Scotland
DebConf8 2008 August 10–16 Mar del Plata, Argentina
DebConf9 2009 July 24–30 Cáceres, Spain
DebConf10 2010 August 1–7 New York, USA
DebConf11 2011 July 24–30 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
DebConf12 2012 July 8–14 Managua, Nicaragua
DebConf13 2013 August 11–18 Vaumarcus, Switzerland
DebConf14 2014 August 23–31 Portland, Oregon, USA
DebConf15 2015 August 15–22 Heidelberg, Germany


This is a smaller Debian event, held annually at the Australian Linux Conference,

Locations of past and future Miniconf events:

Debian GNU/Linux: Australian Mini-Conference 2002 2002 Feb 4–5 Brisbane, Australia
Debian Miniconf2 2003 Jan 20–21 Perth, Australia
Debian Miniconf3 2004 Jan 12–13 Adelaide, Australia
Debian Miniconf4 2005 Apr 18–19 Canberra, Australia
Debian Miniconf5 2006 Jan 23–24 Dunedin, New Zealand
Debian Miniconf6 2007 Jan 15–16 Sydney, Australia
MiniDebConf Centroamérica: Panamá 2010 Mar 20–23 Panama City, Panamá
MiniDebConf 2010 2010 Jun 10–11 Berlin, Germany
MiniDebConf 2010 India 2010 Aug 7–8 Pune, India
MiniDebConf 2013 India 2013 Feb 22–24 Kozhikode, Kerala, India
MiniDebConf 2014 India(Debutsav) 2014 Oct 17-18 Kollam, Kerala, India
MiniDebConf 2014 India 2015 Jan 17-18 Mumbai, India


According to a 2013 brochure, the conference had about 30 attendees in 2000 while in 2011 there were around 300 attendees, and about 250 are expected.[1]


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