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Debbarma is the surname of Tripuri Clan from tripura or the title generally used by the Kokborok-speaking (Tibeto-Burmese) Borok (Tripuri) people, the indigenous people of Tripura, a state in India. This is one of the cases where use of a surname reflects ethnic or tribal membership. The Debbarmas are the majority communities of a state called tripura till the Princely state tripura merged with Indian territory.

Variations of the surname is also used and is also officially recognized by the state government in Tripura and Bangladesh. The standard form is Debbarma. Variations include:

  • Debbarman
  • Dev Barman
  • Dev Burman
  • Deb Barma
  • DebBurman
  • Dev Verma
  • Dev Varman

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