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Deborah Mollison is a British composer and songwriter born on 29 May 1958, who works in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

She studied composition, piano and flute at the Royal Academy of Music where she won the Else Cross Prize for pianoforte. She then moved to UCLA and to Middlesex University where she received her PhD in music.[1]

Deborah Mollison is best known for her scores for films and television programmes, but she has a greater diversity of style: songs, jazz, rock and orchestral works. She has composed for commissions from the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Britten Sinfonia.[2]

She sees the role of a composer in society as a commentator. Her ability to empathise with her subjects brings great emotional depth to her work. For example, "Global Nation" celebrates a multi-cultural world set into England's "green and pleasant land"; "Ocean Witness" highlights the suffering of whales and dolphins at the hands of Man. Her creativity allows her to combine her skills of orchestration with those of the MIDI studio programmer/musician.[1]


Her works include:

  • Earth Story (1998) TV documentary mini-series
  • Simon Magus (1999)
  • Secrets of the Ancients (1999) TV documentary mini-series
  • East Is East (1999)
  • The Thing About Vince (2000) TV mini-series
  • What the Romans Did for Us (2000) TV documentary series
  • The Boys of Sunset Ridge (2001)
  • Landscape Mysteries (2003)
  • Souli (2004)
  • Too Much Too Young (2005)
  • Violin concerto: "Ocean Witness"
  • Horn concerto: "Global Nation"
  • May's Words (tone poem inspired by Maya Angelou)
  • For Real (2009)
  • Uncle Max (2011)


She has won the following awards:

  • UK Song '92,
  • Gold Medal - Best Short Film at the New York Film Festival "Stand Up the Real Glynn Vernon"


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