Debra (song)

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Song by Beck from the album Midnite Vultures
Released November 16, 1999 (1999-11-16)
Recorded 1998
Genre Soul, funk
Length 5:43
Label DGC
Producer Beck

"Debra" is a song by Beck. He had originally attempted to record "Debra" with the Dust Brothers for Odelay, but he thought that it was too tongue-in-cheek. It was debuted main-stream in 1996, and, as Beck noted, "it became the centerpiece of the whole set. It was the song that people would react to more than the songs that they'd heard on the radio. So we kept playing it and playing it." The song finally made it on to Midnite Vultures in 1999. The song maintains a cult following.

It continued with the "Loser" motif, but—whereas that song related to being a slacker in life, "Debra" relates to being a slacker in love, and a troubled one too. It satirizes both some men's desires, and the fashion for songs about sex. In particular, there is a strong resemblance to the romantic falsetto leanings of Prince (musician), as heard on songs such as "Adore" and "Pink Cashmere"[citation needed].

The lyrics notably include a (seemingly non sequitur) reference to the Los Angeles area restaurant chain Zankou Chicken, most likely the location in Glendale (as mentioned previously in the song).[original research?]

The song was covered by German industrial artist Kompressor. Kompressor's version is called "Kompressor Want To Get With You."

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