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Dee Dee
Origin Belgium
Genres Eurodance, Techno
Years active 2001-present
Labels EMI (Netherlands)
Members Christophe Chantzis
Diana Trippaers
Erik Vanspauwen
Tommie Kidjemet

Dee Dee is a dance music project from A&S Productions in Belgium. The group consists of vocalist Diana Trippaers, producers Christophe Chantzis, Erik Vanspauwen & Tommie Kidjemet. Dee Dee was successful across Europe in the early 2000s with a string of Eurodance tracks and were most famous for the massive hit, "Forever," which peaked at #12 in the UK Singles Chart.

Diana grew up in Genk in Belgium. Her father was (and still is) a DJ exposing her to music, at a young age. At the age of 5 she started to spin her dad’s Madonna records and sing along in the basement, that soon became her “sacred place” where she could dance and sing after school and in her spare time without anybody seeing or hearing her. Although she studied to be a beautician, writing poems, writing songs, listening to music and dancing all the time were her main activities during the school years. On a night out, she met Tommie Kidjemet, he was looking for a girl who was able to sing and write songs, after a little talk Diana decided to take this opportunity and try a voice test in the studio of his co-producers Christophe Chantsiz and Erik Vanspauwen, this was Diana’s possibility to meet the people behind the Absolom project and were also having a smash hit with Ian Van Dahl’s “Castles In The Sky” at that time. After a few weeks she took a voice test and the three guys were very exited about the result, the foursome spent a couple of months in the studio, and started to produce and write songs which developed into their first record called ”Forever”! Signed and approved by Stefan Wuyts, manager of A&S records at that time and already having two hits with Lasgo’s “Something” and Ian Van Dahl’s “Castles In The Sky”,

“Forever” came out as a white label record. Quickly the promotion record with no name turned out to be a huge in the clubs. “Forever” was released July 19th 2001 on vinyl by A&S recordings. On August 2nd 2001 it entered the Belgian dance chart at #6. Dee Dee did their first TV performance together with the CD single release on September 3rd 2001. Dee Dee spent almost 10 weeks in the official Belgian Top 20. This result, combined with the amount of vinyls exported, resulted in many license offers from E.M.I, Ministry of Sound and Robbins Entertainment, with releases in Spain, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA and the UKther! It reached a Golden Record in Hungary, Nominated “Best Dance” in WMC awards in Miami, #1 in German Dance charts, almost a top 10 in the UK top 40, included with BBC Top Of The Pops performance and UK club tour.

"Forever" was later followed up in 2003 with the second single called “The One." Again this proved a real success, with lots of radio airplay, and hit number one charts worldwide. It was nominated for the famous “Donna Awards,” at that time and was followed with a USA-UK tour. 2003 saw the release of “Pour Toujours” (French version of Forever) released with Independence Records in France. That was where it all ended, 2004 promised a full album with 17 finished tracks but they never reached release. Dee Dee silently disappeared from the dance scene, and a lot of fans were disappointed never to hear the unreleased Dee Dee songs.

After a 5 year break, Kindervater Feat Nadja covered the massive hit that was “Forever,” and revived the Dee Dee classic.

The Dee Dee team decided to put their hands back together, with Tommie Kidjemet leaving the team and with a new co-songwriter Shalamon Baskin (aka T-Spoon) joining the team, but instead of continuing to work solo, they decide to do worldwide collaborations as an attempt to bring Dee Dee back onto the charts. In 2009 they saw their 1st comeback release with “Love Will Rise Again” with German project 2 Vibez. 2009 also saw Dee Dee working with German Producer Mike Nero to create a revamped version for the classic “The One” and called it “The One 2009." The trend was set and many collaborations followed. 2010 started with Dee Dee feat. Ray & Snyder "I Want You Back”, and it was signed in Hungary and received a lot of radio airplay and hit the Hungarian charts. Later that year they worked with Israeli producer Roni Meller for the track “Will I Be Free?” "Will I Be Free?" even reached a 3rd place on the Eurodanceweb awards for Israel, and in 2011 producer Mike Candy did a remix for this song.

The band started work again in 2013. Starting with Kimura feat. Dee Dee “The Chosen," an uplifting trance track, was released on December 14th worldwide with many remixes. Hands-Up record De-Liver feat. Dee Dee “Give Me A Sign,” was released February 2013 worldwide. Both tracks were featured on Future Trance compilation N 65.

Release for Spain with none-other than Marsall Ventura Feat Dee Dee “See The Light”.

Other releases include: Marsall Ventura feat. Dee Dee “See The Light," Dan Winter feat. Dee Dee “Yahmondana,” Cold Rush feat. Dee Dee and Drew Darcy “Body Calling,” Chris Von Dutch & Silver Nikan feat. Dee Dee ”It’s My Life," and Pinch & Dash feat Dee Dee “Show Me Love."



  • 2001: "Forever" - UK #12[1]
  • 2003: "The One" - UK #28[1]
  • 2004: "Pour Toujours" ("Forever" - French version)
  • 2009: "The One 2009" (Featuring Mike Nero)
  • 2009: "Into The Night" (Featuring Parisi Delvino)
  • 2010: "Love Will Rise Again" (Featuring 2 Vibez)
  • 2010: "I Want You Back" (featuring Ray & Snyder)
  • 2010: "The Day After (Will I Be Free)" (Featuring Roni Meller)
  • 2012: "The Chosen" (Featuring Kimura)
  • 2013: "Show Me Love" (Featuring Pinch & Dash)
  • 2013: "Give Me A Sign" (Featuring De-Liver)
  • 2013: "See The Light" (Featuring Marçal Ventura)
  • 2013: "Yahmondana" (Featuring Dan Winter)
  • 2013: "Body Calling" (Featuring Cold Rush & Drew Darcy)


(Unreleased) Dee Dee - 2004 Album (17 Unreleased Songs)


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