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Dee Green
Born Dolores Greene
(1916-11-15)November 15, 1916
Peoria, Illinois
Died April 24, 1985(1985-04-24) (aged 68)
Rockford, Illinois
Years active 1945-1949

Dolores Mae Greene (November 15, 1916 – April 24, 1985), better known as Dee Green, was an American actress who primarily worked with The Three Stooges. As such, she is perhaps best known as the foremost of Shemp's plethora of potential brides, the plain, tall and fawning Miss Fanny Dinkelmeyer, in the comedy short Brideless Groom (wherein Emil Sitka appears as the Justice of the Peace who repeatedly attempts to marry them with the preamble "Hold hands, you lovebirds!"). More often than not, she was shown as a homely and unattractive bride-to-be (e.g. "Baggie" in I'm a Monkey's Uncle and King Rootintootin's daughter in Mummy's Dummies).

Miss Greene also did theater acting in New York City. Miss Greene's acting career was tragically ended due to a vehicle/pedestrian accident in which a motor vehicle ran over her feet in New York resulting in the need for orthopedic footwear for the remainder of her life. Miss Greene went on to earn a teaching degree and spent the remainder of her years teaching in the areas of music, Drama and Language Arts.

"Miss Greene", as she was known to her music students, taught music and chorus classes at Peoria Heights Grade School in Peoria Heights, Illinois in the 1960s. Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, Greene taught Language Arts and Drama at Rockford Alternative Middle School aka RAMS, a pilot alternative middle school for academically gifted students with a focus on more relaxed and independent study in Rockford, Illinois on the city's west side. This school is no longer in existence.

Miss Greene poured all of her performing arts talents into her students. She was responsible for more than one student pursuing a career in theater, some of whom eventually performed on Broadway in New York while also encouraging and inspiring other students to develop and pursue their musical talents.

At a time when music and art were a part of every student's core curriculum, Greene had a measurable impact on students appreciation for the arts and music and drama. She produced annual events including Babes in Toyland and Christmas pageants that included every student in the school.

Delores Greene died on April 24, 1985 from post surgical complications resulting from colon cancer leaving her students with the legacy of building blocks which paved the way for greatness for many of them.


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