DeepFrost production team

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Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres pop, urban
Occupation(s) Producers, songwriters
Years active 2003-present
Members Jan Lindvaag
Thomas J. Heyerdahl

DeepFrost is a music songwriting & production team operating in the pop, r and b and hiphop genres. The team is based in the Scandinavian city of Trondheim, Norway. The DeepFrost guys are close friends and have been working together as producers, songwriters and artists since the mid 90's. Team members are Thomas J. Heyerdahl, Jan "Janski, Lindvaag.

Lindvaag and Heyerdahl originally started working together when their dance-pop group Di-Mico (with two additional members Linda Gaathje and Mary Elin Mellemseter) signed with the Norwegian branch of Polygram Records (later Universal Music). Di-Mico released a number of singles, and their debut single entered the Norwegian single charts at #10.

When Di-Mico split in 1999, Heyerdahl went on to form the pop-group ICE together with Mellemseter. Gaathje subsequently left the music industry, while Lindvaag continued on as a writer and a producer.

Heyerdahl and Lindvaag started working together as writers and producers under the name DeepFrost in the fall of 2003. The first project the new company produced was the last single from Heyerdahl's project ICE, a song called "Gorgeous". The team's first major success came in 2005 when they got a #1 in The Netherlands with the Dutch pop-group Chipz. 2006 also brought the opportunity to remix Stevie Wonder's single "So What The Fuss", requested by Universal Music (Holland).

DeepFrost has recently been involved in many projects in Asia, amongst others Wonder Girls and Miss A.

Selected discography[edit]

  • Miss A (#1 Korea)
  • Wonder Girls (#1 Korea)
  • Chipz (#1 Holland, #5 Germany, #6 Austria, #12 Switzerland)
  • Samantha Mumba (#1 UK)
  • Soraya (Top 10 Spain)
  • Anna Tsuchiya (Top 10 Japan)
  • HotCha (Top 40 Japan)
  • Sistanova (Germany)
  • Jorun Stiansen (#6 Norway)
  • Baracuda (#5 Norway, #3 Germany)
  • Helene Rask (Top 10 Poland)
  • Sandra Lyng Haugen (Top 10 Norway)
  • Nikki Webster (Top 20 Australia)
  • Suzanna Dee (#3 Dance UK)
  • Mirah (Top 10 Denmark, Top 20 Germany)
  • Scandal'Us (Top 10 Australia)
  • ICE (#2 Norway)
  • TikTak (Top 10 Finland)
  • Di-Mico (Top 10 Norway)
  • Soda (Top 10 Norway)
  • Guri Schanke (Norway)
  • Toril Sivertsen (Norway)
  • UEFA Euro 2000
  • Linnea Handberg (Denmark)
  • Red Divaz (Norway)
  • Roni Duani (Israel)
  • Amanda (Finland)
  • Seduced (Belgium)
  • BamBee (Norway)
  • C.B. Milton (Belgium)
  • Splash (Norway)
  • B.I.C. (Norway)
  • Wanted (Belgium)
  • Satomi (Japan)
  • NRK MP3.

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