DeepMind Technologies

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DeepMind Technologies Ltd. (Google Inc.)
Type Subsidiary
Headquarters London, England & Googleplex, Mountain View, California
Area served Worldwide
Industry Internet, artificial intelligence
Owner Google
Employees 75 (estimated) [1]
Current status Active

DeepMind Technologies is a British artificial intelligence (AI) company founded in 2011 by Demis Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman and Shane Legg.[2] Major venture capitalist firms Horizons Ventures and Founders Fund are invested in the company, which is currently being referred to as a start-up.[3] Jaan Tallinn was an early investor and an advisor to the company.[4]

Volodymyr Mnih, a company employee, said the last AI breakthrough the company made before being acquired by Google was the creation of a neural network that learns how to play some video games in the same way as humans, using the computer equivalent of hand-to-eye coordination.[5]

Acquisition by Google[edit]

On 26 January 2014, Google announced[6] that it had agreed to acquire DeepMind Technologies; analysts later announced that the company was purchased for £400 million ($650M USD / €486M), although later reports estimated the acquisition was valued at over £500 million.[7][8][9][10][11] The acquisition reportedly took place after Facebook ended negotiations with DeepMind Technologies in 2013, which resulted in no agreement or purchase of the company.[12]


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