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Developer(s) Microsoft
Preview release Technology Demonstration / April 15, 2009
Type Photo processing

DeepZoomPix (previously Windows Live PhotoZoom) is a Silverlight-based software technology demonstration that allow users to add photographs via an upload tool or import from an RSS or Atom feed. These can then be viewed as thumbnails or at their full resolution. Once processing by the server is complete, the zooming functionality for the uploaded photograph will be enabled.

Screenshot of Windows Live PhotoZoom

PhotoZoom makes use of the Deep Zoom (previously Seadragon) technology developed by Microsoft Live Labs, similar to that used in Photosynth.[1]

Microsoft has released this technology preview to the public on March 6, 2008 along with the beta release of Silverlight 2.0. On April 15, 2009, the technology was renamed as DeepZoomPix.

The DeepZoomPix technology demonstration website will be going away on February 26th 2010.

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