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Deep Stealth Productions
Industry Media production


Headquarters 5419 Hollywood Blvd., # C142, Hollywood, CA 90027 (Address is a UPS store)
Key people
Calpernia Addams,
Andrea James

According to its website, Deep Stealth Productions was founded by Calpernia Addams and Andrea James and produces entertainment and educational content for several media.[1] Besides being a production company, Deep Stealth is also a popular site for support and products related to the transgender community.[2] Deep Stealth's transgender resources and online community, although still affiliated with Deep Stealth, have migrated to

Company profile[edit]

According to its own website, Deep Stealth has been involved in production of many documentaries and videos and covered on periodicals such as New York Times Sunday Magazine and Rolling Stone and TV channels such as CNN and CNBC.[3]

HairFacts is a "free and commercial-free" online source for the information on the applications and merits and demerits of the available procedures of hair removal. It informs the users of the safeguards against the risks involved and also warns them against the scamsters present in the business.

HairTell is consumer forum where the members can offer advice and share their experiences with hair removal.

Media production[edit]

Deep Stealth Productions has worked on various projects such as the short comedic film called Casting Pearls as well as V-DAY L.A., an on-screen adaptation of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues with a cast consisting entirely of transgender people. Addams and James participated in Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She, an HBO documentary on gender issues with a worldwide perspective. Addams also worked on Call me Malcolm, a documentary on a female-to-male seminary student and his struggle in dealing with his questions about his faith, love and gender identity.[citation needed]

Casting Pearls[edit]

Casting Pearls is a short movie produced by Deep Stealth Productions. The comedic film has Addams in the lead role as Cassandra, a struggling transsexual actress trying to make her mark in the film industry battling the perpetual prejudice and bias against the transgender people. Its storyline spans one day of casting where Cassandra endures the hurtful and contemptuous remarks hurled at her with her perseverance and professionalism. Casting Pearls attempts to show that the prejudice can not impede the real contributions of the transgender community.[citation needed]


The name of the company is a reference to "deep stealth" which is used as a slang in the transsexual community to mean "living without question of discovery in one's chosen gender identity." [4]


Deep Stealth worked with Felicity Huffman for the main character of Transamerica, "Bree" Osbourne, and the script of the movie. Huffman, who had inhibitions about the subject, contacted Addams and James to help her cut through the stereotypes in shaping the character.[citation needed] Huffman wanted the character to have her own life experience which showed her as a unique person in her own right.[5]

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