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Deepend is a digital communications and innovation consultancy. They specialise in business and marketing solutions. They have a team of more than 80 designers, strategists, and software engineers.

The results of their ideas can be found in industries including entertainment, tourism, government, the arts, consumer electronics, FMCG, healthcare, education, finance, music, and fashion.[citation needed]

They have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and New York.


Deepend London was a UK web design company founded in 1994 by Gary Lockton (Managing Director), Simon Waterfall (Creative Director) and David 'Gravy' Streek (Design Director) after graduation from the Royal College of Art. Deepend grew from 10 people to almost 300 worldwide by 2000 in six locations: London, Rome (founded by Raoul Cilento), Sydney, New York, San Francisco and Toronto. In the years 1999 and 2000, Deepend London won 20 major international awards[citation needed] and was hailed the world's number one creative agency by Advertising Age International two years in a row.[citation needed]

Deepend became part of the holding company 'Deepgroup' – formed in 1999 to expand Deepend's offering beyond creative services through the creation of a network of complementary agencies under the Deepgroup umbrella. The list of agencies included: Airtight, Glue, Relish, Poolside and Backend. Deepgroup went into liquidation in 2001 – In the aftermath, the New York, Sydney and Rome management teams bought out their respective offices and continue to provide design and communication services.

A number of agencies 'rose from the ashes' of Deepend's collapse, made up primarily of ex-Deepend London employees who went on to form new agencies, including de-construct, Poke, recollective, Last Exit and playerthree. The team from backend London set-up Perception|BE (sister company to Perception|DM) which was acquired by DC Interact in 2003. DC Interact was acquired by The Engine Group in June 2007 and now forms part of Altogether Digital. de-construct and Glue were then acquired by media group Aegis Group plc in 2005, to become part of the Isobar Communications digital network.

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