Deeply Odd

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Deeply Odd
Deeply Odd Cover.jpg
Author Dean Koontz
Country United States
Language English
Genre Thriller, Mystery
Publisher Bantam Books
Publication date
Media type Hardcover
Pages 352
ISBN 978-0553807738
Preceded by Odd Apocalypse
Followed by Saint Odd

Deeply Odd (2013) is the sixth thriller novel in the Odd Thomas series by American writer Dean Koontz.

Plot summary[edit]

About a month after the events detailed in Odd Apocalypse, Odd Thomas has an encounter with a truck driver, and receives a vision of children in extreme peril at the driver's hands. Odd's life gets odder, as he encounters the deeper layers of his reality. Odd meets fellow travelers on his strange path, and Alfred Hitchcock makes a return appearance.

The immediate problems set before Odd are resolved in this book, but hints of the endgame abound. The author has stated that the seventh book will be the last in the Odd Thomas series.[1]

Reference list[edit]

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