Deepo's Undersea 3D Wondershow

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Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow is a "4D" stereoscopic film produced especially for the 4D theater at Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium. The film is presented by corporate sponsor AT&T and created by Gary Goddard Entertainment, who designed the Terminator II and Jurassic Park rides at Universal Studios.[1]

Georgia Aquarium


The audience joins Deepo, an orange garibaldi fish and the Aquarium’s mascot, as he takes them on a musical undersea adventure with a variety of aquatic characters. These include a singing shark, a sea turtle named "Searetha" (who sings a cover version of Aretha Franklin's song "Think") and playful dolphins. As the audience watches the show, Deepo leads an educational experience, revealing the interconnected lives of underwater creatures and the destructive impact of pollution on the ocean and its inhabitants.[1]

Visual Effects[edit]

Animation and visual effects work were completely largely in Montreal by the visual effects house Digital Dimension. The animation supervisor was Alexander Williams.[2]


The 4D Theater employs interactive seats and unique special effects that are built into the theater itself. By creating a set of “4D” effects that are synchronized to the film production, the 4D Theater adds a layer of immersive entertainment for audiences. As a jellyfish swims by in 3D, the audience "feels" its tingling tentacles brush along their arms, creating a more interactive experience. The 4D Theater holds up to 250 guests per show, with multiple shows per day.

Cult Following[edit]

Several young adults have become obsessed with the titular character of the series, Deepo. Some fans have become so devoted that they have created fanpages in his honor. This phenomenon has also been linked to the cult following of Shrek and Bee Movie.[citation needed]



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