Deer Terrace Pavilion

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Deer Terrace Pavilion (Chinese: 鹿台) was a structure believed to have been built in the Shang dynasty. Its location is believed to be in Zhaoge (near the present-day JinNiuLing in Qi County, Hebi).

It was also the site of a very luxurious pool, namely "JiuChi RouLin" (Chinese: 酒池肉林, literally "a pool of wine and a forest of meat"), where meat would be hung alongside of the pool, and the pool would be filled with wine. It is a luxurious pool for the King Zhou of Shang's pleasure. In 1999, the pool was uncovered in an archeological study. It is found that the pool is currently 1.5 m deep.

On 26 January, 1046 BC (some say 1027 BC), King Wu of Zhou launched a violent attack on Shang's then-capital, Yinxu, as part of the Battle of Muye. Zhou quickly defeated Shang. The last king of Shang, the King Zhou of Shang, burned himself with his jewels on the pavilion as the result of the defeat. It also marked the end of the Shang dynasty.