Deewana (1992 film)

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Directed by Raj Kanwar
Produced by Guddu Dhanoa
Lalit Kapoor
Starring Shah Rukh Khan
Divya Bharti
Rishi Kapoor
Amrish Puri
Music by Nadeem Shravan
Distributed by DEI
Release dates
25 June 1992
Running time
185 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Box office INR140 million (US$2.2 million)
(domestic gross 1992)[1]

Deewana (Hindi: दीवाना, Urdu: دیوانہ‎, English: Crazy or Passionate) is a 1992 Bollywood Musical Romantic Action film directed by Raj Kanwar, produced by Guddu Dhanoa and Lalit Kapoor.

It starred Shah Rukh Khan, Divya Bharti, and Rishi Kapoor. This was Shah Rukh Khan's debut release, though he was not the sole lead and only appears in the second half. He replaced Armaan Kohli, who walked out of the project due to creative differences after the first schedule. The film released on June 25, 1992.


Kajal (Divya Bharti) falls in love and marries a famous singer named Ravi (Rishi Kapoor). They live their newly married life happily for a while, until tragedy strikes: Ravi's greedy uncle Pratap (Amrish Puri) and cousin Narender (Mohnish Behl), who are determined to lay their hands on Ravi's wealth. Narender first tries to rape Kajal but fails when he is caught. Pratap then hire hoodlums to murder Ravi, and he is thrown off a cliff. Along with Ravi, Pratap's son, Narender, also dies.

Kajal's mother-in-law (Sushma Seth) takes Kajal away from the depression of losing her husband to start a new life. In a new city, the widowed and depressed Kajal tries to get over her pain. One day a young man, Raja (Shah Rukh Khan), accidentally hits Kajal's mother-in-law, meets Kajal and falls in love with her. When he tells Kajal he loves her, Kajal tells him that she is a widow. Raja's father tells a bunch of thugs to get rid of Kajal and Raja severs ties with his father after finding out. He begs Kajal's mother-in-law to have Kajal marry him. As her mother-in-law feels that Kajal should marry again, she persuades her.

Raja and Kajal get married but Raja tells her that he will not touch her until she accepts him. He looks for a job and his friends open a garage with him. One day, Raja goes to check out a jeep but has an accident when the brakes fail. Kajal becomes shocked when she hears this and runs to see him. After returning from the hospital, Kajal accepts him and falls in love with him, and the two are finally happy together. Things are well until one day, Raja rescues a man from hoodlums. He gets him treated and befriends the man, whose name is Ravi.

When Raja brings Ravi to Kajal, she is shocked to see that her husband's new friend is none other than her first husband, who apparently survived his uncle's attempt to murder him. When the truth is revealed however, Kajal stays with Raja, and Ravi's mother lives with Ravi. Ravi's uncle figures out that Ravi is alive and has Raja and Kajal kidnapped, saying that he will let them go if Ravi signs the property papers. Raja escapes and he and Ravi beat Pratap, after which they find Kajal, tied up with a bomb strapped around her. Ravi manages to switch off the bomb and take it off her, but Pratap appears and says he will kill Raja and make Kajal a widow again. Ravi protects Raja and he and Pratap fall. Ravi sets the bomb off, causing a large explosion, killing Pratap and him once and for all. Kajal and Raja stay together and live happily ever after, honoring Ravi's memory.



Deewana was the second highest grossing film of 1992, grossing at INR 170 million and was given the verdict of a 'hit' by Box Office India.[1]


Soundtrack album by Nadeem-Shravan
Genre Film soundtrack
Label Venus Music
Nadeem-Shravan chronology

Nadeem-Shravan's soundtrack won them their third Filmfare Award and Kumar Sanu won Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer in a row after Aashiqui (1990) and Saajan (1991). Shah Rukh Khan's career debut begins with the song "Koi Na Koi Chahiye" along with singer Vinod Rathod.

No Title Singer(s) Lyrics Length
1. "Aisi Deewangi" Vinod Rathod, Alka Yagnik Sameer 06:59
2. "Sochenge Tumhe Pyar" Kumar Sanu Sameer 06:03
3. "Teri Umeed Tera Intezar" Kumar Sanu, Sadhna Sargam Sameer 06:19
4. "Payaliya" Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik Sameer 07:57
5. "Tere Dard Se Dil" Kumar Sanu Sameer 04:51
6. "Teri Isi Ada Pe Sanam" Kumar Sanu, Sadhna Sargam Sameer 05:12
7. "Koi Na Koi Chahiye" Vinod Rathod Sameer 06:23
8. "Teri Umeed Tera Intezar (I)" Kumar Sanu, Sadhna Sargam Sameer 02:13


Filmfare awards


Deewana sequel is planned by the producers and directors it will go on floors in 2013 or 2014. The story of the sequel will be different from the original film.[2] Casting is on for the film and it has been announced. Nadeem-Shravan the original musical duo will once again return to compose for the sequel.


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