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For the Dr. Dre song, see The Chronic.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts-20.jpg
JJ Peters at With Full Force Festival 2013
Background information
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Rapcore, hardcore punk
Years active 2007–present
Labels Roadrunner, UNFD
Members JJ Peters
Matt Rogers
Sean Kennedy
Alex Salinger
Past members Stuart Callinan
Ty Alexander
Jon Green

Deez Nuts is an Australian hardcore punk band that formed in Melbourne, Victoria in 2007, currently comprising vocalist JJ Peters, guitarist Matt Rogers, bassist Sean Kennedy and drummer Alex Salinger. The band has released one EP and three studio albums. It was named after Dr. Dre's song of the same name.


Formation and Rep Your Hood (2007–2008)[edit]

Deez Nuts started after the disbanding of Australian metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen, of which JJ Peters was the drummer. After being heavily influenced by the hip hop and hardcore punk styles of music, Peters decided to start Deez Nuts. After he wrote a few songs he entered the studio to record the Deez Nuts 2007 Demo performing all instruments and vocals.

Deez Nuts 2007 Demo.

Acquiring live members, Peters and the band played a few shows around Melbourne, and after such a positive response Peters entered the studio again to finish recording Deez Nuts' first public release, an EP titled, Rep Your Hood which was also recorded with Peters performing everything. Shortly after the release, Deez Nuts embarked on their first tour of Australia during October 2007, the infamous Drunk and Disorderly Tour, with friends The Amity Affliction and The Daylight Curse.

Stay True (2008–2010)[edit]

After a short break, the band then set out on an Australian Boys of Summer Tour in January 2008 with Silverstein, alongside Set Your Goals, The Amity Affliction and Capeside.[1] The tour was a huge success for the band, who were growing bigger within the Australian Hardcore Community. Shortly after the Boys of Summer Tour, JJ began writing the next release for the band.

JJ placed Deez Nuts on hold for the months of May and June 2008, to focus on his commitment to the I Killed the Prom Queen farewell tour. I Killed the Prom Queen's Say Goodbye Tour took place in May and June 2008, with most shows selling out almost immediately. The supporting acts for the tour were Bring Me the Horizon, The Red Shore, The Ghost Inside and a local act from each city played at. After the tour, JJ continued writing for the debut album of Deez Nuts.

The Deez Nuts debut album was recorded by Roman Koester of The Red Shore at Complex Studios in August 2008. After the recording process, Deez Nuts embarked on a tour of Australia in September 2008, joined by I Killed the Prom Queen alumni Michael Crafter's new band Confession. Then in October, Deez Nuts was invited to tour Europe with English deathcore act Bring Me the Horizon along with friends The Red Shore and Ignominious Incarceration.[2] During this tour of Europe, Deez Nuts' first album, Stay True, was released on 4 October 2008, in Australia by Stomp Entertainment. Once returning from Europe, Deez Nuts began planning a National Australian tour in support of Stay True'. The Stay True Tour took place from January to February 2009, supported by hip hop artist Louie Knuxx.

After a string of Australian shows, Deez Nuts returned to Europe to tour with English hardcore band Your Demise. During this tour, Deez Nuts organised a few headline shows in England, which received positive reviews and crowd reaction. The band immediately headed to the USA for a tour with American hardcore act Ligeia. Upon arrival to the US, the band was denied entry due to misinformation with their paperwork, and were sent back to Australia.

During the time in between tours JJ spent back in Australia, he formed a hip hop/rap group called Grips & Tonic with New Zealand rapper Louie Knuxx. The group released a full length album, Want Some, Get Some, which was released in June 2008.

In June and July 2008, Deez Nuts toured Australia again on the second Drunk and Disorderly Tour with The Amity Affliction, this time playing much larger venues as the last tour, mainly because both bands had gained a larger fanbase due to recent album releases. At the after parties for the tour, JJ's new group Grips & Tonic played a string of shows, which received positive reviews.

In September 2008, Deez Nuts headlined the Australian Sike Your Mind tour, playing alongside Miles Away, Antagonist A.D., and In Trenches and Blkout. In October 2008, Deez Nuts returned to Europe with Swedish band Raised Fist, and returned to the Australian live scene in December on the Schools Out for Summer Tour with American band The Ghost Inside, Australian bands Mark My Words and Mourning Tide, and JJ's Grips & Tonic project.

This One's for You (2010–2013)[edit]

Deez Nuts released its second studio album in Australia on 21 May 2010. It was recorded by Roman Koester of The Red Shore at Complex Studios in April 2010, and frontman JJ Peters says it only took him two weeks to write. In a part of this album in the song "If You Don't Know You Know" features guest vocals from Bring Me The Horizon front man and lead singer Oli Sykes.

Bout It! (2013–present)[edit]

DEEZ NUTS released their third album, "Bout It" in March 2013. The album featured their full-time line up and some guest spots from members of Architects, Hatebreed, Madball, Suicide Silence, Skarhead, On Broken Wings and Endwell. It was Produced by Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside), and consisted of 16 tracks, including singles "Band Of Brothers" and "Shot After Shot". In March 2014 Jon decided to leave Deez Nuts to focus on his personal life. Replacing him will be Sean Kennedy, who is one of the original members of the band and who was also a long time member of I Killed the Prom Queen alongside JJ Peters.

Band members[edit]


Studio albums

Music videos[edit]

  • "I Hustle Everyday" (2008)
  • "DTD" (2012)
  • "Band of Brothers" (2013)
  • "Unfuckwithable" (2013)
  • "What's Good" (2015)
  • "Face This On My Own" (2015)


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