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DEFY Media
Type Independent
Industry Digital Media
Headquarters New York City, United States
Area served Worldwide
Products Digital Media, Merchandise, Broadcast, Advertising Media Network, Apps
Divisions addicting games

DEFY Media, formerly known as Alloy Digital and Break Media,[1][2][3] is a digital media company that produces original online content for the 13-34 age group.


DEFY Media owns and operates online brands including Smosh,[4] Shut Up! Cartoons, Clevver Media, Smosh Games, The Escapist,[5] Teen,[6] Gurl,[6] The Gloss,[6] and Crushable, as well as, Screen Junkies, CagePotato, Chickipedia, HolyTaco, MadeMan, AllLeftTurns, TuVez and GameFront which were inherited from Break media. Each of these brands operates a dedicated website and YouTube channel. Defy Medial's online program offerings include The Single Life, The Confession, Fashion on the Fly,[7] Dating Rules,[4] Chasing,[8][9] Style Rules,[10] Wendy,[11] Style Setters,[12][13] and The Sub.[14]

DEFY counts more than 38 million followers among its owned brands.[15] According to industry measurement leader, ComScore, DEFY's network reaches 221 million unique visitors each month, including 81.7 million 12-34 internet users.[15] Together, its channels reach over 80 million video viewers monthly.[16]

Defy's main investors are Viacom, Lionsgate, ZelnickMedia and ABS Capital.[17]


Smosh was founded in 2005 by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla[18] and acquired by Alloy Digital in July 2011.[19] The Smosh YouTube channel was the most subscribed channel on YouTube with 11.7 million subscribers.[20] The channel’s core demographic is 12-24. The website measures 1.5 million visitors monthly.[21] Smosh was called the Saturday Night Live of the Internet by Time in 2006.[18] Smosh spin-off channels include Shut Up! Cartoons and Smosh Games.
Shut Up! Cartoons was launched as a spin-off of Smosh in April 2012.[22] Shut Up! Cartoons was one of the fastest growing YouTube channels[23] and features a variety of original cartoons and animated videos. The channel consistently ranks in the top 25 for weekly views.[24] Original animated series include Zombies vs. Ninjas, Pubertina, Krogzilla Gets a Job, Oishi High School Battle, Smosh Babies, and Paper Cuts.[25] Shut Up! Cartoons is led by Barry Blumberg and Lena Hume.[25]
  • Clevver Media
Clevver Media was acquired by Alloy Digital in June 2012.[26] Launched in 2006, Clevver Media operates seven entertainment and celebrity-focused YouTube channels, including ClevverTV, ClevverMovies, ClevverMusic, ClevverGames, ClevverNews, ClevverStyle and ClevverTeVe. Clevver Media ranks in the top ten YouTube networks, according to ComScore.[27] ClevverTV achieved one billion lifetime views in 2012.[28] Clevver News, a YouTube-funded original channel that is hosted and produced by digital media experts and up-and-comers Katie Krause and Deidre Behar, ranks in the top fifteen for weekly views. Krause and Behar produce all original programming on ClevverNews, including The Daily Hollywood Rundown and Rumor Patrol. Both have since been dismissed, and soon after, the co-hosts for DHR became Erin Robinson(Clevver Movies) and Misty Kingma(Clevver Music). Additional Clevver on-air personnel include Clevver TeVe's hosts Vivian Valadez and Miriam Isa, and for Clevver Style, Nicole Phillippi, Jacqui Phung, and Brianna Baxter. Executive Producers are Dana Ward and Joslyn Davis, whom both joined Clevver since its inception. [29]
  • Smosh Games
Smosh Games was launched as a spin-off of Smosh in September 2012. Smosh’s Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla team up with various online gamers to play games, provide reviews and updates, and share commentary with viewers. The YouTube channel achieved 1 million subscribers within three months of launching.[30] It now counts three million subscribers[30] and over 350 million video views.[16]
The Escapist was acquired by Alloy Digital in November 2012.[5] The Escapist targets video game enthusiasts and provides its audience with gaming content through its magazine, website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. The Escapist was honored with both a Webby Award[31] and a People’s Voice Award[32] in 2008. The website generates 28 million page views each month.[33] In 2012, The Escapist launched the Escapist Expo, a live event extension in Durham, North Carolina. The event, centered around gaming culture, drew over 6,000 attendees.[34] The second annual Escapist Expo took place in October 2013.[35]
  • Teen
Teen is an online community offering celebrity and entertainment news for teenagers. provides its viewers with exclusive interviews, TV recaps, movie reviews, new music, and comedic viral videos through its website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms. was honored with an OMMA Award for "Best Youth Site" in 2012.[36]
  • Gurl
Gurl is an online community that targets the teenage girl demographic. Gurl covers a variety of teenage girl issues including life, love, sex, health, friends, advice, and news. The website provides its viewers with information, advice, giveaways, videos, entertainment, quizzes, surveys, and polls.
  • The Gloss
The Gloss is an online community that takes an intellectual approach to the world of fashion and beauty. Former sites, and now exist within The Gloss to provide content on health, career, and parenting.
  • Crushable
Crushable is an online community that targets an entertainment-obsessed audience. Crushable's content focuses on celebrity news, style, gossip, and relationships. The site combines entertainment coverage with the treatment of lifestyle issues.

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • 2013 Digiday Award for Best Content Marketing Program for Chasing with Steve Aoki [38]
  • 2012 OMMA Website Excellence Award for Alloy Digital content on[36]
  • 2012 W3 Gold Award for Dating Rules From My Future Self [39]
  • 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award from the Web Marketing Association for [40]
  • 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award from the Web Marketing Association for Dating Rules From My Future Self [41]
  • 2011 Media Vanguard Award for the Most Innovative Use of Original Web Video for Merchandising Kmart First Day [42]

Key people[edit]

  • Matt Diamond, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alloy Digital[7]
  • Jim Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Alloy Digital[43]
  • Jordan Levin, Chief Executive Officer of Generate LA-NY and President of Alloy Digital[44]
  • Barry Blumberg, President of Smosh and Executive Vice President of Alloy Digital[45]
  • Chris Young, Chief Marketing Officer of Alloy Digital and Co-Founder of Digital Broadcasting Group[46]


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