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Deichkind live (2006)
Background information
Origin Hamburg, Germany
Genres Hip-Hop, Electro
Years active 1997 – Present
Labels Showdown (parent label: WEA Records),[1] Island Records
Members Philipp
Ferris MC
DJ Phono
Past members Malte
Sebi († 2009)

Deichkind (German pronunciation: [ˈdaɪçkɪnt], literally 'Dyke Child') is a Hip-Hop / Electro band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1997. In the middle of 2008 Ferris MC, aka “Ferris Hilton”, joined singer/MC Philipp Grütering and bassist/MC Sebastian “Porky” Dürre as the newest member of the band. During their concerts the band is joined by their tour-DJ, DJ Phono.

The band had its first success at the turn of the millennium with the single “Bon Voyage.” During the 2000s their style incorporated more and more electronic elements. The most famous examples of this electronic-leaning hip hop sound are the three singles, “Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)” (2006), “Arbeit nervt” (2008), and “Leider geil” (2012). These three singles placed in the charts.



  • Bitte ziehen Sie durch (2000; Hotbox please, lit. Please pull through)
  • Noch 5 Minuten, Mutti! (2002; Another 5 minutes, mommy!)
  • Aufstand im Schlaraffenland (2006; Revolt in Cockaigne)
  • Arbeit Nervt (17 October 2008; Work sucks, lit. Work is annoying)
  • Befehl von ganz unten (10 February 2012; Order From Down Low as opposed to On High, lit. Command from the very bottom)
  • Niveau Weshalb Warum (30 January 2015)


  • Kabeljau Inferno (2000; Cod inferno)
  • Bon Voyage (feat. Nina) (2000)
  • Komm schon (2000; Come on)
  • Weit weg (feat. Bintia) (2000; Far away)
  • Limit - including Remixes of Boris Dlugosch and Johannes Heil (2002)
  • Pferd im Stall (2002; Horse in the stable)
  • Electric Super Dance Band (2005)
  • Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) (2006; Riot and Ruckus)
  • Ich betäube mich (feat. Sarah Walker) (2006; I sedate myself)
  • Arbeit nervt (2008; Work sucks, lit. Work is annoying)
  • Luftbahn (2009; airway)
  • Bück dich hoch (2012; Bend up. A German portmanteau of "bück dich" (bend over) and "schlaf dich hoch" (sleeping your way up to the top).)
  • Leider geil (2012; Unfortunately Awesome)
  • Der Mond (2012; The Moon)
  • Ich habe eine Fahne (2014; has a double meaning: I have alcoholic breath / I've got a flag and was made in reference to the soccer world championchip 2014)
  • So’ne Musik (2014; Such a Music / This kind of Music)
  • Denken Sie groß (2015; Think big)


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