Deir Ballut

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Deir Ballut
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic دير بلّوط
 • Also spelled Dayr Ballout (official)
Deir al-Ballut (unofficial)
Deir Ballut is located in the Palestinian territories
Deir Ballut
Deir Ballut
Location of Deir Ballut within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°03′55″N 35°01′30″E / 32.06528°N 35.02500°E / 32.06528; 35.02500Coordinates: 32°03′55″N 35°01′30″E / 32.06528°N 35.02500°E / 32.06528; 35.02500
Governorate Salfit
 • Type Village Council
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 3,195
Name meaning "Monastery (or Convent) of the Oak"[1]

Deir Ballut (Arabic: دير بلّوط‎) is a Palestinian town located in the Salfit Governorate in the northern West Bank, 41 kilometers (25 mi) south west of Nablus. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, it had a population of 3,195 in 2007.[2]


Arab geographer Yaqut al-Hamawi records in 1226, while Deir Ballut was under Mamluk rule, "Deir al-Ballut was a village of district around ar-Ramla."[3] In the 1882 "Survey of Western Palestine", the village was described as "a small village, partly ruinous, but evidently once a place of greater importance, with rock-cut tombs. The huts are principally of stone. The water supply is from wells."[4] To the west of the village are rock-tombs, from a Christian age.[5]

Deir Ballut was the site of minor engagement between Turkish and British troops on the March 12, 1918.

View of Deir Ballut (foreground) from Peduel


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