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For the movie adaptation, see Dekada '70 (film).
Dekada '70
Dekada '70 by Lualhati Bautista Book cover.jpg
Cover of the 2009 edition
Author Lualhati Bautista
Translator Book cover for Lualhati Bautista's Dekada '70.
Cover artist Glenn Anthony Tolo
Country PhilippinesPhilippines
Language Filipino
Genre Political, historical fiction
Publisher Jingle Clan
Carmelo & Bauermann Printing Corp. (1988)
Cacho Publishing House (1991)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover/Softcover)
Pages 228 (2009 edition)
ISBN 971-17-9023-8

Dekada '70 (Dekada '70: Ang Orihinal at Kumpletong Edisyon), translated literally into English as "[Decade] '70's", is a Filipino novel written by Lualhati Bautista.[1]


Dekada '70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the 1970s. It details how a middle-class family struggled with and faced the changes that empowered Filipinos to rise against the Marcos government. This series of events happened after the bombing of Plaza Miranda, the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the proclamation of Martial Law and the random arrests of political prisoners. The oppressive nature of the Marcos regime, which made the people become more radical, and the shaping of the decade were all witnessed by the female protagonist, Amanda Bartolome, a mother of five boys. As Amanda's sons grow, form individual beliefs and lead different lives, Amanda reaffirms her identity to state her stand as a Filipino citizen, mother and as a woman.

Dekada '70 introduces the new generation of Filipino readers to a story of a family from a particular period in Philippine history. Its appeal lies in the evolution of its characters that embody the new generation of Filipinos, as well as being the story about a mother and her family, and the society around them that affects them. It is a tale of how a mother becomes torn between the letter of the law and her responsibilities as a mother.


A defining but not subversive Filipino novel, Dekada '70 was one of the two grand prize winners for the 1983 Palanca Awards for the novel.[2] It was adapted into a film of the same name by Star Cinema in 2002, starring Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos as the characters Julian Sr. and Amanda respectively.


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