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Del Playa Drive (also known as D.P.) is a street in Isla Vista, California that overlooks the ocean. The street stretches four blocks over the full length of the unincorporated city (about one mile). It begins at the bike path bordering the campus and continues to Camino Majorca, where it ends at the entrance to the trails to Sands, a popular surf spot. Del Playa Drive features many large parties and is the heart of University of California Santa Barbara off-campus social life.


Looking eastward from the end of the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive

Del Playa Drive has also been the source of housing controversy, as some of the apartment buildings are falling off of the rapidly eroding cliffs. Recently, however, steps have been taken to slow the erosion by reinforcing the cliffs with imported rock, concrete and other artificial support structures, and by redirecting water runoff through the cliffs, rather than over them as it would flow naturally. [1]


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Coordinates: 34°24′34″N 119°51′22″W / 34.4094°N 119.8562°W / 34.4094; -119.8562