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Delanoistes (French pronunciation: ​[dɛlanwast]) is the name given to supporters of Bertrand Delanoë, the former Mayor of Paris, within the French Socialist Party. Delanoistes are often called the "old guard" of the PS, being supported by most of the PS' old leadership.

Notable Delanoistes include François Hollande, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Lionel Jospin, Michel Rocard, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Élisabeth Guigou, Michel Sapin, Alain Rousset, Harlem Désir, Pierre Cohen, Michel Destot and Roland Ries.

Delanoë's motion won 25.24% of the motion vote at the 2008 Reims Congress and Delanoë rallied eventual winner Martine Aubry. The Delanoistes, though more and more divided, are an integral part of Aubry's majority within the party.