Delaware Democratic primary, 2004

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The 2004 Delaware primary was held on February 3, 2004 as part of the 2004 United States Democratic presidential primaries. Frontrunner John Kerry easily won the primary while Senator Joe Lieberman came second.

As the primary approached Joe Lieberman said that victory in the Delaware primary was required in order for his campaign to continue.[1] He had visited the state four times and got the endorsement of Democratic senator Thomas R. Carper.[2] After his defeat in the primary Lieberman withdrew from the race for the nomination.[3]

Exit polls showed that over half of voters who took part in the primary said they were 'angry' with the administration of George W. Bush and over 80% said they opposed the decision to go to war with Iraq.[4]


Candidate 29 January 2004
John Kerry 27%
Joe Lieberman 16%
Howard Dean 14%
John Edwards 9%
Wesley Clark 8%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Al Sharpton 1%

Source: Delaware - 2004 Presidential Polls


Candidate Votes Percentage Potential National delegates
John Kerry 16,787 50.43 14
Joe Lieberman 3,706 11.13 0
John Edwards 3,674 11.04 0
Howard Dean 3,462 10.40 0
Wesley Clark 3,165 9.51 0
Al Sharpton 1,888 5.67 1
Dennis Kucinich 344 1.03 0
Richard Gephardt 187 0.56 0
Lyndon LaRouche 78 0.23 0

Source: 2004 Presidential Democratic Primary Election Results - Delaware