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For the phonological feature, see Delayed release (feature).

A delayed release or late release refers to the relatively late release of a product to the public.

In film[edit]

In the film industry a release can be postponed due to the sometimes difficult transition of the production and/or post-production to the sales and distribution phase of the film production cycle. Due to several factors a film release can be delayed:

  1. Problems during post-production of an artistic nature.
  2. Political problems regarding the film.
  3. Economical problems relating to limitations in the film budget.

These problems can be resolved by overcoming artistic problems, making politically correct or commercially successful changes to the film and/or relieving budgetary problems.

In pharmacology[edit]

"Delayed release" refers to oral medicines that do not immediately disintegrate and release the active ingredient(s) into the body. An example is enteric coated oral medications, which dissolve in the intestines rather than the stomach.

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