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The Delhi University Students Union, generally abbreviated as DUSU, is the umbrella student organisation at the University of Delhi.

DUSU is the representative body of students from most Delhi University Colleges and Faculties. Each College also has its own students union to which elections are held every year. Student elections are keenly contested. Several of the office bearers of DUSU have gone on to hold public office at the State and Centre level.

DUSU elections are considered the most high profile student union elections in the country as they provide an opportunity to enter directly into local and national politics.[1] The University of Delhi has a long history of student political activity.

The elections to Delhi University Students Union, formerly indirect through the electoral votes of college councillors, are now held by direct voting by the students of the University and constituent colleges. The elections are usually held in August–September of each year.[2]

Aman Awana is the current President. Utkarsh Chaudhary the much hyped ABVP candidate is the Vice President. Karishma Thakur, the only Office-Bearer representing NSUI is the Secretary and Raju seats the post of Joint Secretary

Presidents of DUSU[edit]

President Student Organization Duration
Aman Awana' ABVP 2013–2014
Arun Hooda NSUI 2012–2013
Ajay Chhikara NSUI 2011–2012
Jitender Chaudhary ABVP 2010–2011
Manoj Choudhary Independent 2009–2010
Nupur Sharma ABVP 2008–2009
Amrita Bahri NSUI 2007–2008
Amrita Dhawan NSUI 2006–2007
Ragini Nayak NSUI 2005–2006
Narinder Tokas NSUI 2004–2005
Rohit Chaudhary NSUI 2003–2004
Nakul Bharadwaj ABVP 2002–2003
Neetu Verma NSUI 2001–2002
Amit Malik NSUI 2000–2001
Ritu Verma ABVP 1999–2000
JaiVir Rana ABVP 1998–1999
Anil Jha ABVP 1997–1998
Rekha Jindal ABVP 1996–1997
Alka Lamba NSUI 1995–1996
Shalu Malik NSUI 1994–1995
Monica Arora ABVP 1993–1994
Avdhesh Sharma ABVP 1992–1993
Rajiv Goswami Independent 1991–1992
Anju Sachdeva Not Known 1989–1990
Ashish Sood ABVP 1988–1989
Narender Tondon ABVP 1987–1988
Madan Singh Bisht DCM 1986–1987
Ajay Maken NSUI 1985–1986
Balram Yadav ABVP 1984–1985
Anil Soni JVM II 1983-1984
Yogesh Sharma ABVP 1982–1983
Sudhanshu Mittal ABVP 1981–1982
Vijay Jolly ABVP 1980–1981
Rajesh Oberoi Not Known 1979–1980
Hari Shankar Gupta NSUI 1978–1979
Vijay Goel ABVP 1977–1978
Arun Jaitley ABVP 1974–1975
Alok Kumar ABVP 1973–1974
Shriram Khanna ABVP 1972–1973
Bhagwan Singh ABVP 1971-1972
Subhash Chopra NSUI 1970–1971
Subhash Sonini Not Known 1969–1970
Ajit Singh Chadha Not Known 1968–1969
Harcharan Singh Josh NSUI 1967–1968
Subhash Goel Not Known 1966–1967
Ashok Marwah Not Known 1965–1966
Surinder Seth Not Known 1964–1965
Narendra Nath Kalia NSUI 1963–1964
Joginder Singh Sethi NSUI 1962–1963
Madan Saluja Not Known 1961–1962
Viresh Pratap Chaudhury NSUI 1960-1961
Ram Labhaya Lakhina Not Known 1959-1960
Narendra Kumar Mehta Independent 1958-1959
Krishnanand Sharma Not Known 1957-1958
Yadukul Bhushan Not Known 1956-1957
Pran Sabharwal Not Known 1955-1956
Gajraj Bahadur Nagar Not Known 1954-1955


Notable Politicians From DUSU[edit]

 Harcharan Singh Josh

See also[edit]

Harcharan Singh Josh Member National commission for minorities


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