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Delices is located in Dominica
Coordinates: 15°17′16″N 61°15′50″W / 15.2878°N 61.2640°W / 15.2878; -61.2640Coordinates: 15°17′16″N 61°15′50″W / 15.2878°N 61.2640°W / 15.2878; -61.2640
Country Dominica

Delices is a small village in the Caribbean nation of Dominica. It is located in the south-east of the island, between La Plaine and Petite Savanne.

The village's name derives from the French words délices, translated as "delights", or délice meaning "a delightful thing". Though not as developed as other parts of the island, its natural beauty and wonderful views attract many -eco-tourists. It is home to the White River[1] and Victoria Falls.

The village is home to the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa.

Notable residents[edit]

  • Delmance Ras Mo Moses: poet/musician/prevention educator, facilitator, youth worker
  • Singoalla Blomqvist-Williams: lawyer, farmer
  • Felix Augustine: journalist
  • Henkel L. Christian: educator, MP
  • L. M. Christian MBE: composer of the music for Dominica's National Anthem
  • Hon. Gertrude Roberts: MP, educator/politician
  • Hon. L. C. Didier M.P. (1889-1987): educator/farmer/politician.
  • Capt. A. C. Randall, British World War I officer, who adopted this village.


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