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Delightful Labor
Business Management Screen - Delightful Labor 1.0
Developer(s) Database Austin
Written in PHP and MYSQL
Available in English
License GNU LGPLv3[1]

Delightful Labor is a free open source web-based application for managing non-profits.[2] The application manages constituents, donation, clients, sponsors, volunteers, and other aspects associated with the operation of a non-profit. The software was created by Database Austin and is available under the GNU General Public License.[3][4]



The most recent version of Delightful Labor includes numerous online applications that store data for non-profit record keeping and online management. The application manages People, Business/Organization, Volunteers, Clients, Donations, and Sponsors. Delightful Labor also includes extensive admin features that allow for more restrictive controls.

  • Open-source - users can view and modify the program to fit specific needs
  • CRM (customer relationship management) to help track the constituents, supporters, and businesses with whom the non-profit organization interacts
  • Donation management, including:
    • Accounts and campaigns
    • Multi-currency support
    • Honorariums and memorials
    • Gift Acknowledgement utilities
    • Soft-cash relationships
    • In-kind donations
  • Personalization features - ability to create tables with a variety of field types and attach them to people, businesses, sponsors, clients, and volunteers
  • Documents and Images - ability to upload and maintain documents and images libraries for clients, sponsors, people and businesses, and volunteers.
  • Client management - keeps track of current and past clients, manage their status, keep track of their relationships to their sponsors
  • Sponsorship program management
    • Support for multiple sponsorship programs
    • Sponsorship payment management
    • Multi-currency support
    • Features to facilitate communications between sponsors and clients
  • Volunteer and event management, including shift assignments and timekeeping
  • A variety of reports and exports
  • Support for both US and European date formats
  • Importing feature for people, business, donation, and sponsorship payment records

Most Delightful Labor reports are available for as CSV files.

Future developments[edit]

Database Austin plans to expand Delightful Labor's features in the future to include: Plug-in management, personalized reporting, folders for documents and images, and multi-language support.


Delightful Labor is scheduled for its initial release on SourceForge on January 25, 2013.


Delightful Labor is written in PHP using the MySQL database engine. It is designed with the Codeigniter framework. It also makes use of javascript, jquery, and ajax.

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