Dellbridge Islands

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Dellbridge Islands
Erebus Ice Tongue - Antarctica.jpg
From left to right: Tent, Inaccessible, Big Razorback and Little Razorback islands.
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 77°39′S 166°24′E / 77.650°S 166.400°E / -77.650; 166.400
Archipelago Ross Archipelago
Population 0
Additional information
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

The Dellbridge Islands are a group of four islands lying in the Antarctic,[1] just south of Cape Evans and Ross Island at 77°39′S 166°24′E / 77.650°S 166.400°E / -77.650; 166.400.

They are individually called Inaccessible Island, Tent Island, Big Razorback Island, and Little Razorback Island. They are named after James H Dellbridge who was Second Engineer on the Discovery Expedition 1900 - 1904, led by Robert Falcon Scott.

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Coordinates: 77°39′S 166°24′E / 77.650°S 166.400°E / -77.650; 166.400