Delta Crateris

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Delta Crateris
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Crater
Right ascension 11h 19m 20.5s
Declination −14° 46′ 43″
Apparent magnitude (V) 3.56[1]
Distance 196 ly
(59.51 pc)
Spectral type K0III[1]
Other designations
12 Crateris, BD−13°3345, HD 98430, HIP 55282, HR 4382, IRAS 11168-1430, SAO 156605, FK5 426.

Delta Crateris (δ Crt, δ Crateris) is a star in the constellation Crater. Delta Crateris is an orange giant belonging to the spectral class K0, has apparent magnitude 3.56, and is 195 light years from Earth. This star has 22.44 ± 0.28 times the radius of the Sun and 1.0–1.4 times the Sun's mass. It is radiating 171.4 ± 9.0 as much luminosity as the Sun from its outer envelope at an effective temperature of 4,408 ± 57 K.[2]


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