Delta Epsilon Mu

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Delta Epsilon Mu
Founded Spring 1996 by Marianna Strakhan & Teri Broklawski
Binghamton University, New York
Type Professional
Scope National
Colors Red, White and Black
Chapters 16
Members 900+ collegiate
1100+ lifetime
Founding principles Dedication, loyalty, friendship, and support

ΔΕΜ (Delta Epsilon Mu), or DEM, is a professional, co-ed fraternity for college students in the United States who are interested in or currently study in the pre-health field. It was founded on four principles: dedication, loyalty, friendship, and support. There are currently chapters in New York, California, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, Washington DC, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, and Illinois.


The organization was initiated with the goal of uniting students interested in entering various health professions. The brothers and sisters of Delta Epsilon Mu are committed to serving the community by advocating health education and care through active participation in service activities, philanthropy, and outreach programs.


Members of Delta Epsilon Mu are united by the common goal of a future professional interest in health and healthcare. The undergraduate experience is varied between the various health pre-professional fields from pre-dentistry to pre-veterinary studies, but with the common goal of making a social impact through the various health fields.

Alumni members have gone on to various professional schools such as medical school, osteopathic school, and graduate studies in public health. Although these members are no longer considered active members in the organization viz. non-voting at the chapter level, they are usually active participants in mentorship of active members and represent the organization's commitment to producing well-rounded members of the healthcare professional workforce.

National Leadership[edit]

Delta Epsilon Mu held its first National Convention in 2013 whereupon its bylaws were ratified and the first elected Board of Directors was elected. Then Board of Directors' voting power is supplemented with a voting undergraduate and alumni member from each chapter, forming the National Board.

  • President: Jake Koster
  • Vice President: Bradley Dmuchowski
  • Secretary: Adam Ziegel
  • Director of Finance: Jaclyn Podd
  • Director of Public Relations: Tanvi Avasthi
  • Historian: Erin Kinney
  • Director of Expansion: Randell Rueda



Delta Epsilon Mu was founded in Fall 1996 at Binghamton University, in Binghamton, New York.


  • Debbie Amster
  • Sherine Banton
  • Cindy Biviano
  • Lara Brainard
  • Teri Broklowski
  • Jackie Chan
  • Wendy Cooper
  • Rebecca Dalton
  • Gina De Silva
  • Jennifer Fisher
  • Shauna Fung
  • Rafaella Galeotafiore
  • Wendy Goldstein
  • Brian Haggerty
  • Ellen Hoffman
  • Kevin Maloney
  • Jennifer Milza
  • Vanessa Monteleone
  • Soni Muthukattil
  • Christine Naughton
  • Shannon Potts
  • Gail Rallon
  • Simona Saroyan
  • Sara Schriber
  • Wendy Schwartz
  • Sabitha Shanthan
  • Marni Smoloff
  • Marianna Strakhan
  • Mike Tauriello
  • Sasha Tehrani
  • Thi To
  • Tami Topol
  • Mei Tschang
  • Keri Weintraub