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Delta Sigma Chi is an American fraternal organization for professionals in the area of Chiropractic.


In 1913, there were three chiropractic schools in Davenport, Iowa: the Palmer School of Chiropractic, Universal College of Chiropractic and the Davenport College of Chiropractic. On July 4 of that year, a group of chiropractic students representing those schools held an independence Day picnic at Credit Island. Within this large group, a smaller group of friends discussed the subject of a chiropractic Greek letter fraternity.

On July 13, 1913, the first meeting of the fledging organization took place, which is now the celebrated birth of the legacy of Delta Sigma Chi (ΔΣΧ). The founding fathers include Harold Hughes of Medicine Hat, Canada; J.D. Hills of Detroit, Michigan; John Reardon of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Harry Cummings of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and S.E. Julander of Des Moines Iowa. At that meeting they completed their plans for a Greek letter Professional Chiropractic Fraternity by electing temporary officers and appointed a committee to draft a constitution and bylaws. The official name selected: Delta Sigma Chi (DSC) stands for Doctors of Straight Chiropractic. It was decided to limit the charter membership to twelve men, however the membership was opened and extended to 20.

Notable brothers[edit]

On November 6, 1913, B.J. Palmer was initiated into the brotherhood of Delta Sigma Chi. Five years later Brother Palmer was unanimously elected the honorary president of the fraternity. Throughout the extensive history of the fraternity a majority of the men recognized by the profession as leaders include doctors: David Palmer, Galen Price, J. Clay Thompson, H.M Himes, Clarence Gonstead, G.O. Schmiedel, Hender M.D., H. Ross Reaver (most jailed chiropractor), Reggie Gold, Fred Barge, Dr. Sayers, and almost every famous technique developer such as Major Dejarnet, Clarence Gonstead, and J. Clay Thompson. Other notable figures include current ICA president, Gary Walsemann and past presidents of Palmer College of Chiropractic like Dr. Donald P. Kern and Dr. McAndrews.

Lasting goals and purpose[edit]

Delta Sigma Chi is pledged to promote straight unadulterated chiropractic principles (as set forth by B.J. Palmer). In addition, the members promote good fellowship and brotherhood as well as brotherly feeling amongst chiropractors, schools and students.

Today, the fraternity has a membership of several thousand individuals all around the globe, who continue to guard the sacred trust of chiropractic. The fraternity has reprinted 9 of BJ Palmer's original books.

Fraternity mansion[edit]

The fraternity mansion has been recognized[by whom?] as the "most Victorian of all mansions in the Quad Cities". Construction began in 1881 and was finished three years later, complete with 38 rooms, countless closets and pantries, and call tubes for the servants. After completion, the final cost was $100,000, which is not a minuscule amount considering the evidence of a depression. The home was originally constructed for James Monroe Parker, a wealthy Davenport financier. Later, however, it was acquired by C. A. Ficke. Finally, in 1978, the fraternity purchased the home and it continues today as the home of the Alpha Chapter.

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