Demarcation Bay DEW Line Station

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Demarcation Bay DEW Line Station

Alaskan Air Command.png

Part of Alaskan Air Command (AAC)
Coordinates 69°53′09″N 142°18′28″W / 69.88583°N 142.30778°W / 69.88583; -142.30778 (Demarcation Bay DEW BAR-A)
Type Air Force Station
Site information
Controlled by  United States Air Force
Site history
Built 1957
In use 1957-1963
Demarcation Bay DEW BAR-A is located in Alaska
Demarcation Bay DEW BAR-A
Demarcation Bay DEW BAR-A
Location of Demarcation Bay DEW Line Station, Alaska

Demarcation Bay DEW Line Station is an abandoned United States Air Force Distant Early Warning Line Radar station located 349 miles (562 km) east of Point Barrow, Alaska. It was closed in 1964, and is not open for public use. It was the most remote DEW site in Alaska.


The station was built in 1957 to support the Distant Early Warning Line, designated BAR-A, being classified as an "Intermediate Site". Intermediate sites were small, usually one or two buildings, an AN/FPS-19 search radar and a gravel airstrip for support. The station was logistically supported by the Barter Island BAR-MAIN DEW Line Station. Demarcation Bay was operated by civilian contract workers.

It was closed in 1963 and has been abandoned ever since. The radars and other military buildings were removed around 2000, returning the site to a natural condition. The gravel streets and the runway of the former airstrip of the station remain.

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