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This article is about a given name. For other uses, see Demetrius (disambiguation).
Hera Barberini Pio-Clementino Inv254.jpg
A statue of the goddess Demetra
Gender Male
Word/name Greek
Meaning tribute to Goddess of Grain: Demeter, Mother-Earth
Other names
Related names Dimitrije, Demetria, Dimitrios, Demetra

Demetrius is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek male given name Dēmḗtrios (Δημήτριος), meaning "devoted to Demeter". Alternate forms include Demetrios, Dimitrios, Dimitris, Dimitri, Demitri, and Dimitrije,[1][2] in addition to other forms (such as Russian Dmitri) descended from it.

Demetrius and its variations may refer to the following:

In other languages[edit]

  • Albanian: Dhimitër, Mitro
  • Belarusian: Зьміцер, Дзьмітры (Z'mitser, Dz'mitry)
  • Bulgarian: Димитър (Dimitar)
  • Croatian: Dmitar
  • Dutch: Dimitri
  • English: Demetrius, Demetri, Demetry
  • Esperanto: Zmitro[citation needed]
  • Finnish: Mitri, Mitro, Dimitri
  • French: Dimitri
  • Georgian: დემეტრე (Demetre), დიმიტრი (Dimitri), დიტო (Dito), დუტა (Duta), დიმა (Dima), მიტო (Mito)
  • German: Demetrius
  • Modern Greek: Δημήτριος, Δημήτρης (Dimitrios, Dimitris)
  • Hebrew: (Demetrius) דמיטריוס ,(Dima) דימה ,(Dmitriy) דמיטרי
  • Hungarian: Dömötör
  • Italian: Demetrio, Dimitri
  • Macedonian: Димитар, Димитриja
  • Norwegian: Deiomitry
  • Polish: Dymitr, Demetriusz
  • Portuguese: Demétrio
  • Romanian: Dumitru, Dimitrie
  • Russian: Дмитрий (Dmitriy), Дима (Dima), Митя (Mitya)
  • Serbian: Димитрије (Dimitrije), Митар (Mitar), Дмитар (Dmitar), Мита (Mita), Мића (Mića)
  • Slovak: Demeter
  • Slovene: Dimitrij, Mitja
  • Spanish: Demetrio
  • Ukrainian: Дмитро (Dmytro)