Demilich (band)

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Origin Finland
Genres Technical death metal
Years active 1990–1993, 2006, 2010, 2015
Labels Necropolis
Past members Antti Boman
Aki Hytönen
Mikko Virnes
Ville Koistinen
Jussi Teräsvirta

Demilich was a death metal band from Finland which formed in the early 1990s and consisted of vocalist/guitarist Antti Boman, guitarist Aki Hytönen, bassist Ville Koistinen, and drummer Mikko Virnes.

Their debut album, Nespithe (1993), featured intricate death metal riffs with extremely low, gurgled vocals in the vocal fry register. The album contained long, complicated song titles and unconventional lyrics which were written in code in the booklet. It was featured in Terrorizer's Secret History of Death Metal, in their list of "The 40 Albums You Must Hear"; they commented: "Even trying to scream your lungs out whilst vomiting a mix of Haggis, outdated goat's cheese and kebab won't do. Tested extensively by Terrorizer's scientific team, we can now safely say that no normal human is capable of reproducing the effect-free vocal madness displayed by Antti Boman on these Finns' sole, totally unique, album."[1]

Demilich played what was believed to be their last show on July 22, 2006, but played at the Jalometalli Metal Music Festival in Oulu, Finland on August 14, 2010.[2]

Demilich will reunite for a show at Maryland Deathfest in 2015.[3]

Forthcoming compilation album[edit]

The band announced that there will be a future compilation album to be released as a limited edition 3LP box set and as a CD.[2][4] Both 3LP box set and CD will be released through Svart Records.

20th Adversary of Emptiness contains everything Demilich have ever recorded, starting from Regurgitation of Blood demo (1991) and rounding things off with three songs the band recorded during their brief comeback in 2006. The only Demilich full length album Nespithe has been reissued several times over the years in various guises, but always using the inferior 16-bit CD masters and sometimes brickwalled beyond recognition. For this release the band dug up the original unmastered 24 bit studio tapes for Nespithe and best possible sources for the demo material, and then had Sami Jämsén of Studio Perkele thoroughly clean everything up and create new masters. Nespithe LP is wrapped in the original Turkka Rantanen cover art, lovingly restored, and a new artwork by Mr Rantanen adorns the box itself. For the demo compilation cover the band commissioned new art from renowned underground artists David Mikkelsen and Johnny Maddox, inspired by Demilich lyricals. Mikkelsen's art also comes as a poster in the package, The whopping 44 page Demilich 'zine features a long Q&A session between Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin and Antti Boman plus lyrics, song commentary and a plethora of assorted interviews and reviews spanning two decades. 3LP box set will be limited to 1000 copies, 150 on transparent blood red vinyl, 350 on transparent gloomy green vinyl and 500 on black vinyl.[2][4] 3LP box set and CD are now available for pre-ordering.


  • Regurgitation of Blood (1991)
  • The Four Instructive Tales... of Decomposition (1991)
  • ...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness... (1992)
  • The Echo (1992)
  • Nespithe (1993)
  • Nespithe (European version, 1996)
  • Nespithe (vinyl, 2009)
  • 20th Adversary of Emptiness (2014)

Standard Whore[edit]

Antti Boman is currently recording what it would be a new album from his new project, Standard Whore. Several tracks from a rehearsal of the album were available at their official webpage, but as for June 2010, you can hear an unmastered and unfinished clip.

On May 31, Antti announced the first gig of the band for June 16, with Florist and Focus on Sanity, at Henry's Pub, on Kuopio, Finland.


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