Democratic Alliance (Philippines)

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The Democratic Alliance of the Philippines is made up of nationalist and progressive forces, primarily former members of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas. Most supported Sergio Osmeña and the Nacionalista Party against Manuel Roxas and the Liberal Party during the 1946 elections. However, six democratically elected DA congressmen were prevented from attending Congress to vote on important legislation such as the Parity Clause and Bell Trade Act, which slanted trade and military agreements with the United States in the latter's favor. The Bell Act was approved by the Philippine legislature on July 2, 1946. The parity clause, however, required an amendment relating to the 1935 constitution's thirteenth article. This amendment could be obtained only with the approval of three-quarters of the members of the House and Senate, as well as a plebiscite.

The denial of seats in the House to six members of the leftist Democratic Alliance and three Nacionalistas on grounds of fraud and violent campaign tactics during the April 1946 election enabled President Manuel Roxas to gain legislative approval on September 18, 1946.

Following these congressional decisions, many in the DA felt the government biased towards US foreign policy, and resumed the Huk Rebellion.