Democratic Alliance (Ukraine)

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Democratic Alliance
Leader Vasyl Gatsko[1]
Founded 2011 (2011)[1]
Headquarters Kyiv
Ideology Christian democracy[1]
International affiliation Youth of the European People's Party
Politics of Ukraine
Political parties

Democratic Alliance (Ukrainian: Демократичний альянс) is a political party in Ukraine, registered in September 2011, formed on an anti-corruption platform.[2][3]


Before becoming a political party Democratic Alliance was an youth organization.[4] The objective of the organization was "to form a new Christian-democratic, responsible, patriotic-oriented social and political elite of the country through the creation of conditions for the development, improvement and implementation of youth".[4]

The party has organized protests against corruption and fraud[5] and it took part in the Euromaidan protests.[6] Because of its involvement in various protests the party claimed that in May 2012 the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice attempted to eliminate its registration as a legal political party.[5] Members of the party have been arrested while taking part in protests.[7] Two party members were shot dead by Ukrainian security forces while participating in the deadly Euromaidan protests of February 2014.[8]

The party did not participate in the 2012 parliamentary elections.[9]

The party played an active role in the Euromaidan protests.[1]

The party won 3 Kiev City Council seats in the 2014 Kiev local election.[10][11]

Early June 2014 Democratic Alliance denied membership to LGBT activist Bohdan Globa because the party did not believe he shared the view "that family is made up of a man and a woman" with the party.[1]

Early September 2014 it was established that the party would participate in the (late) October 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election on the partly list of Civil Position.[12] For elections in single mandate constituencies, both parties will participate separately.[13]

Political positions[edit]

Democratic Alliance’s platform calls for democracy and social justice, and for a society “based on human values, upholding the priority of human rights and freedoms”.[1]

The party is pro-European and anti-corruption.[1][14] The party wants to improve Ukrainian democracy,[14] make laws that ensure that police and prosecutors enforce the law fairly[14] and change public opinion in south and eastern Ukraine.[14]

According to party leader Vasyl Gatsko “Democratic Alliance is a Christian Democratic party. Our position is that family is made up of a man and a woman”.[1]

The party is popular among young voters.[1]


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