Democratic Centre (Italy)

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Democratic Centre
Centro Democratico
President Bruno Tabacci
Founded 28 December 2012
Ideology Centrism[1]
Social liberalism[1]
National affiliation Italy. Common Good (2013)
European Choice (2014)
For Italy
Colours Orange
Chamber of Deputies
3 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Democratic Centre (Italian: Centro Democratico, CD), officially Democratic Centre – Rights and Freedom (Centro Democratico – Diritti e Libertà), is a centrist[1] political party in Italy.

The party, whose leader is Bruno Tabacci, was launched on 28 December 2012 as an electoral list, becoming a member of the centre-left coalition Italy. Common Good, which was formed to contest the 2013 Italian general election.[2]

The CD originally included large chunks Alliance for Italy (ApI), led by Francesco Rutelli and Tabacci, and Rights and Freedom (DL), a breakaway group from Italy of Values (IdV) led by Massimo Donadi.[3][4] Regarding ApI, most leading members and incumbent MPs of the party joined the CD,[5][6] while Rutelli chose not to be a candidate.[7]

In 2013 general election the CD gained 0.5% of the vote both for the Chamber, returning six deputies,[8] and the Senate.[9] In the event the party was stronger in Basilicata (4.4%),[10] Calabria (2.0%),[11] and Apulia (1.5%).[12]

In the 2013 Basilicata regional election the CD, in alliance with the United Populars,[13] won 5.0% of the vote[13] and ex-IdV Nicola Benedetto[14] was returned to the Regional Council.[15]

On 4 March 2014 it was announced that CD would contest the 2014 European Parliament election within European Choice (SE), an electoral list in support of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) comprising Civic Choice, Act to Stop the Decline and the Italian Liberal Party. The list received just 0.71% of the vote, and failed to return any MEPs.

In June Pino Pisicchio, until then vice president of the party, left over disagreements with Tabacci.[16][17][18] In October also the other vice-president of the party, Aniello Formisano, left CD in order to return to IdV.[19]



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