Democratic Congress

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Democratic Congress
Leader Pakalitha Mosisili
Founder Pakalitha Mosisili
Founded 2011
Split from Lesotho Congress for Democracy
Colors Red, Green, Black
National Assembly
48 / 120
Politics of Lesotho
Political parties

The Democratic Congress is a political party in Lesotho that split from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy.


Before the 2012 election, the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy suffered a split because of Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili's refusal to cede power.[1] He then founded the party in reference to the founder of the LCD Ntsu Mokhehle. The LCD Secretary-General Mothetjoa Metsing then moved to lead the LCD.[2]

Electoral performance[edit]

In its first election the party won a plurality of seats,[3] but failed to get a majority after the allotment of proportional seats. They attempted to form a coalition government but failed.


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