Democratic National Alliance (Bahamas)

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Democratic National Alliance
Chairman Andrew Wilson
Founder Branville McCartney
Leader Branville McCartney
Deputy-Leader Chris Mortimer
Headquarters Nassau, Bahamas
Youth wing Young Democratics
Ideology Democratic socialism, Social Democracy, Republicanism, Pro-British Democracy, Social liberalism
Political position Centre to Centre-left
Colors Green and White
Members of Parliament
0 / 41
Election symbol

The Democratic National Alliance or The DNA is a newly formed political party in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The party is currently led by Branville McCartney, former MP for Bamboo Town.

The party is devoted to deepening democracy, upholding equity and the rule of law, safeguarding individual freedoms, diversification of the economy and educational reform. In the 2012 General Election, the party contested all thirty-eight parliamentary constituencies, the first third party to do so in Bahamian history; but lost in all of the races, including that in McCartney's constituency. However, they did manage to secure approximately 13,186 votes; enough to swing the outcomes of at least 15 different areas. Experts believe that without the DNA, the Free National Movement would have been successful in retaining the government in the 2012 general elections.

Economic reform[edit]

The DNA believes that the Bahamian cost of living has been driven up by a regressive tax structure, high cost of capital, and the high cost of fuel. The weakened tourism industry and financial services sector, the two pillars of the economy of the Bahamas made the Bahamas see little economic growth during the 2008-2012 economic recession. The party argues that the Bahamian economic model, set up in the 1960s, has always supported mainly two industries (tourism and financial services). A core issue for the party is diversification of the Bahamian economy. The party also seeks to increase private economic activity as it believes that there are not enough incentives for entrepreneurship in the Bahamas.[1]


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