Democratic Party of Moldova

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Democratic Party of Moldova
Partidul Democrat din Moldova
President Marian Lupu
Secretary-General Constantin Botnari
Founder Dumitru Diacov
First-vicepresident Vlad Plahotniuc
Parliamentary group leader Marian Lupu
Founded 8 February 1997
Headquarters Chişinău
Membership  (2014) 60,000[1]
Ideology Social democracy[2]
Third Way[2]
Political position Centre-left[3]
International affiliation Socialist International
Progressive Alliance
European affiliation Party of European Socialists (observer)
Colours Blue, Red
19 / 101
District Presidents
6 / 32
Politics of Moldova
Political parties

The Democratic Party of Moldova (Romanian: Partidul Democrat din Moldova, PDM) is a social-democratic[2][4] political party in Moldova. It is a member of the Progressive Alliance,[5] the Socialist International, and an observer affiliate of the Party of European Socialists (PES).[6]


The party was established in February 1997 as the Movement for a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova (MMDP),[3] by former members of the Democratic Agrarian Party of Moldova (PDAM), the Unity Movement for Equality in Rights (MUE) and the Socialist Party of Moldova (PSM). It had grown out of the movement that supported independent candidate Petru Lucinschi in the 1996 presidential elections.[7]

It formed the basis of the For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova (PMDP) alliance during the 1998 parliamentary election. The PMDP won 24 of the 101 seats and became the third-largest faction in Parliament, and together with the Democratic Convention of Moldova (CDM) and Party of Democratic Forces (PFD), formed the Alliance for Democracy and Reforms coalition government led by Ion Ciubuc.

In April 2000 the party was re-established as the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM).[8] The PDM received 5% of the vote in the 2001 parliamentary election, but failed to win a seat. The party then joined the Democratic Moldova Electoral Bloc for the 2005 election; the Bloc received 28.4% of the vote, winning 34 seats, of which eight were taken by the Democratic Party. However, after the elections the three constituent parties Bloc split into separate parliamentary groups.

The Social Liberal Party (PSL) merged into the PDM on 10 February 2008.[8] The April 2009 parliamentary election saw the party receive 3% of the vote and failed to win a seat.[9] However, the PDM increased its share of the vote to 13% in the early elections in July 2009, winning 13 seats. The PDM subsequently joined the ruling Alliance for European Integration coalition government alongside the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), the Liberal Party (PL) and Our Moldova Alliance (AMN).

In the 2010 parliamentary election, the PDM received 12.7% of the vote and 15 seats, continuing to govern as a component party of the Alliance for European Integration coalition. However, the coalition lost a vote of no confidence on 13 February 2013, leading to the creation of the Pro-European Coalition in May 2013, which also included the PDM, as well as the PLDM and Liberal Reformist Party (PLR), a splinter from the PL.

In the 2014 parliamentary election, the PDM received 15.8% of the vote and 19 seats.

Election results[edit]


Election year # of total votes  % of overall vote # of seats +/–
1998 294,691‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 1 18.16‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 1
21 / 101
2001 79,757 5.02
0 / 101
Decrease 21
2005 444,377‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 2 28.53‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 2
8 / 101
Increase 8
2009 (April) 45,698 2.97
0 / 101
Decrease 8
2009 (July) 198,268 12.54
13 / 101
Increase 13
2010 218,861 12.72
15 / 101
Increase 2
2014 252,489 15.80
19 / 101
Increase 4

‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 

  1. 1 For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova list won 24 seats - 2 went to the PCM - 1 to the MSPFN.

‹The template FN is being considered for deletion.› 

  1. 2 Democratic Moldova list won 34 seats - 23 went to the AMN - 3 to the PSL.

Notable members[edit]


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