Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia

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Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia
Leader Karl Erjavec
Founded 1991
Headquarters Ljubljana
Ideology Pensioners' Party,
Single-issue politics,
Social justice
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
European Parliament group Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Colours Green, Blue
National Assembly
10 / 90
European Parliament
1 / 8
Politics of Slovenia
Political parties

The Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (Slovene: Demokratična stranka upokojencev Slovenije, also known by the acronym DeSUS) is a Slovenian political party led by Karl Erjavec. DeSUS won 6.97% of the vote at the early 2011 Slovenian parliamentary election on 4 December 2011, thus gaining 6 seats in the National Assembly.[1] In April 2012, the party excluded Ivan Simčič after it has been disclosed that he faked his secondary school report,[2] thus losing one seat.[3]

DeSUS was a member of the government led by prime minister Janez Janša until 2008. In the 2008 elections the party won 7.4% of vote and 7 out of 90 seats and joined the coalition government led by Borut Pahor together with SD, Zares and LDS having a combined seat of 50 out of 90.

The party received 10.21% of the vote in the Slovenian parliamentary election on 13 July 2014, and won 10 seats in parliament.[4]

Parliamentary representation:

Prominent members and supporters[edit]


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