Progressive Democratic Party (Paraguay)

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Progressive Democratic Party
Leader Desirée Masi
Founded 2007
Split from Party for a Country of Solidarity
Headquarters Asunción, Paraguay
Ideology Democratic socialism, Social democracy
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation Socialist International (invited member)
Politics of Paraguay
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The Progressive Democratic Party (Spanish: Partido Democrático Progresista) is a Paraguayan political party created in 2007, split from the Party for a Country of Solidarity.

In the Paraguayan general election, 2008 it won one seat in the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay and one in the Senate of Paraguay. In the 2008 elections it was part of the Patriotic Alliance for Change electoral coalition, and had a representative, Rafael Filizzola, appointed Interior Minister. It withdrew from the governing coalition in early 2009, although it continued to participate as an observer, and to support the Lugo presidency. Filizzola remained Interior Minister until mid-2011, when Lugo asked him to resign.