Democratic Republic of the Congo–Norway relations

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Congoan-Norwegian relations
Map indicating locations of Norway and Democratic Republic of the Congo


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Norway relations refer to the bilateral relations between Democratic Republic of the Congo and Norway. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is represented by a non resident embassy in London. There are 1,930 DR Congolese people living in Norway.[1] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages people to travel to the northern and eastern parts of the country.[2]


The Congo became independent from Belgium on June 30, 1960. Norway had begun humanitarian aid to the Congo since at least 1963.[3]

In 1963 Norway was one of only six nations that Congo approached with a request for military aid, asking for help to build a navy. Norway declined the request, citing a shortage of the training expertise Congo was looking for.[4][5]

Norway gave the Congo NOK 40 million (US $15.7[citation needed] million) in 2003. Vidar Helgesen, the Norwegian Secretary of State said: "In spite of some hopeful signs in the peace process and the establishment of a transitional government in the capital, Kinshasa, the humanitarian situation in the eastern part of the country is precarious."[6] In 2004 all previous debt was forgiven.[7] In 2007 the Secretary Generals of the 5 largest Norwegian humanitarian organizations visited the Condo to access the crisis.[8] In 2008 an additional NOK 15 million were suppled.[9]

In 2009 Minister of Defence Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen visited the Congo to observe the conflict. She agreed to send troops to supply manpower to the United Nations peace-keeping forces during the Kivu conflict.[10]

The republic's debt to Norway, 143 million Norwegian kroner, has been erased as a result of a decision by Norway's Cabinet on October 21, 2011.[11]

Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland[edit]

In 2009, Norwegian nationals Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland were arrested and charged in the killing of their hired driver, attempted murder of a witness, espionage, armed robbery and the possession of illegal firearms. They were found guilty and sentenced to death, and also fined—along with Norway—$60 million.

Jonas Gahr Støre, Norway's Foreign Minister said: "I strongly react to the death sentence of the two Norwegians ... Norway is a principled opponent of the death penalty and I will contact the DRC's foreign minister to convey this." According to "Norway also object[ed] to the espionage conviction and the inclusion of the country in the fine, Stoere [sic] said. 'Norway isn’t a part of this case.'"[12]

A letter dated March[13] 2012 was "delivered in Kinshasa from prime minister Stoltenberg to president Kabila".[14] It has not been answered as of August 2013.[15]

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