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Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) (in Hindi भारत कि जनवादी नौजवन सभा, Bharat ki Janvadi Naujavan Sabha) is the largest youth organization in India. It is a left-wing youth organization founded in 1980. DYFI has a membership of 1.62 Crore in 2012.

DYFI banner

The general secretary of DYFI is Abhay Mukherjee and the president is M.B. Rajesh.


DYFI is a member of World Federation of Democratic Youth.

DYFI rally in Kolkata

The DYFI affiliate in Jammu and Kashmir is called Jammu & Kashmir Democratic Youth Federation. In Tripura there is a separate body, affiliated to DYFI, called Tribal Youth Federation. In Kerala DYFI has a strong base and the current secretary of DYFI-Kerala State Committee is M. Swaraj, and President is T.V. Rajesh.


The organization was formed on 3 November 1980 from its inaugural conference held at Saheed Kartar Singh Saraba Village, Ludhiana, Punjab from 31 October to 3 November. Prior to that Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) had different youth organizations in different states. In Kerala, Kerala Socialist Youth Federation preceded DYFI.


At national level, DYFI publishes the magazine Naujawan Drishti (Youth Stream). On state level there are various publications, such as Jubashakti in West Bengal, Yuvadhara in Kerala, and Yuvasangharsh in Maharashtra.


Purported aims of DYFI:

  • Jobs for all, education for all and empowerment of youth.
  • It stands for communal harmony.
  • Constitutional approval of right to job.
  • Industrialisation.
  • Proper implementation of self-employment projects.
  • DYFI aims for Scientific socialism.
  • Promote secularism of the nation

It opposes :

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