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Danske Bank A/S
Publicly traded Aktieselskab (OMXDANSKE)
Industry Financial services
Founded 1871
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Key people
Ole Andersen (Chairman), Thomas F. Borgen (CEO)
Products Banking, insurance, investment management
Revenue DKK 43.866 billion (2014)[1]
Profit DKK 3.846 billion (2014)[1]
Total assets DKK 3453.0 billion (end 2014)[1]
Total equity DKK 147.4 billion (end 2014)[1]
Number of employees
18,478 (FTE, end 2014)[1]
Website www.danskebank.com

Danske Bank is a Danish bank. The name literally means "Danish Bank". It was founded 5 October 1871 as Den Danske Landmandsbank, Hypothek- og Vexelbank i Kjøbenhavn (The Danish Farmers' Bank, Mortgage and Exchange Bank of Copenhagen). Headquartered in Copenhagen, it is the largest bank in Denmark and a major retail bank in the northern European region with over 5 million retail customers.[2]

Danske Bank was number 454 on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2011.[3]

Local operations[edit]

Danske Bank's headquarters in Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

The Danske Bank group operates a number of local banks around the Nordic Region as well as across Ireland.[4]

The Danske Bank branch in Latvia was opened in 2008 and in the short time has gained quite a lot of popularity.[5]


Danske Bank issues its own banknotes through its Northern Ireland subsidiary; as certain retail banks in Northern Ireland and Scotland are licensed to issue their own pound sterling banknotes. Danske Bank acquired one such bank in 2005, the Belfast-based Northern Bank, and since 2013 has produced banknotes under the Danske Bank brand name. These Danske Bank notes are denominated in pounds sterling and should not be confused with banknotes of the Danish Krone, an entirely separate currency, which are issued in Denmark by the Danish National Bank.[6][7]


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