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Denbo is a settlement in the Akkar District in North Governorate, Lebanon.

Denbo is located in north of Lebanon. It is in close proximatey to Halba, the capital of Akkar. Denbo is situated atop a mountainside while overlooking the Syrian border.


The estimated population is 4500.[citation needed] The main religious denomination is Muslim Sunni. Denbo is well known for its beautiful women[need quotation to verify] and vast olive plantations. Most Because Denbo is located atop a beautiful mountain side many other Lebanese clans and villages tend to get jealous and compete with Denbo's natural beauty[examples needed].


Old craftsmen still design and manufacture everything from old sweeping brooms to old wooden sit down stools. Electricity comes only 12 hours a day while there is no running gas or water. All gas bottles are filled up at filling stations while water is collected down the 'EIN' a long-running natural spring. telephone internet.access


Summer starts in June while winter starts in December. In summer the weather gets to extreme heat conditions while in winter it snows. Lebanon has year long ice capped mountains which make it a haven for thrill seekers who can sunbake by the beach in the morning during summer and then go skiing in the ice capped mountains in the afternoon.


Schooling is for nine months consecutive and holidays are three months consecutive. There are more private schools than public schools in Lebanon as the government needs to support and financially sponsor its schooling system.