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Dendrite is a contact adhesive and rubber cement brand marketed in India and South Asia, mainly in Eastern India, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

Product and marketing[edit]

The adhesive is marketed in glue sticks, glue tubes and in cans. Dendrite holds only a small portion of the adhesive market in India, which is dominated by Fevicol, who hold over 60% of the market share.[1]

Its marketing logo is Bonding our world together.

Production Company[edit]

Dendrite is produced by the Chandras' Chemical Factory (founded in 1973) under the umbrella of the P. C. Chandra Group. The chemical unit manufactures homopolymer and copolymer emulsions, including Dendrite.

Substance Abuse[edit]

Dendrite is probably best known due to it being regularly used for substance abuse as an inhalant - since Dendrite contains addictive volatile solvents. It is rated to be the most common form of substance abuse in Bhutan.[2]


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